I don`t want to talk about it(我不想談這件事) 洛史都華-I don't wanna talk about it(婚禮顧問我不想談 這件事)I can tell by your eyes 從你眼中,我看得出來that you've 辦公室出租probaly been crying forever你已經哭過千百回了And the stars in the sky don't mean 關鍵字廣告nothing 天上的星星對你毫無意義To you they're a mirror對你而言,它們就像鏡子I 租屋網don't wanna talk about it我不想談這件事How you broke my heart關於你是如何傷了我的心酒店兼職If I stay here just a little bit longer如果我留下來久一點If I stay here如果我留下來西裝 won't you listen to my heart. oh, my heart你可會傾聽我的心事If I stand all 酒店打工alone如果我孤伶伶的站著 Will the shadows hide the color of my heart影子可會掩蓋我內建築設計心的顏色Blue for the tears, black for the night's fears藍色是淚水,黑色是夜晚的恐懼代償The stars in the sky don't mean nothing 天上的星星對你毫無意義To you 土地買賣they're a mirror對你而言,它們就像鏡子
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